Shop Fox W1758 Review

The SHOP FOX W1758 wood lathe is a smaller, more affordable wood lathe that has a serious amount of power and a compact size. It is a choice for wood workers who need decent turning to be done but without burning a hole in their pockets, or compromising on space.

If these are just the requirements you’re looking for, then consider this best wood lathe, and if you still need help deciding, we’re sure this Shop Fox W1758 review will help you out.

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Shop Fox W1758 Wood lathe Review

The SHOP FOX W1758 is fitted with a whopping 2 horsepower motor of 110V, and in our opinion is on the more powerful side. What this means is that you’ll be turning wood for hours without any worries and change the variable speed to anywhere between 600 to 2400 RPMs.

To get better control over the moving around of your piece, you simply have to adjust the level to any of the ten speeds.The body is made out of cast iron, same as most models, weighs in about 338 pounds and there’s no doubt about how solid it feels.It can do both jobs equally well – handle beautiful sculpting and punch out some big projects too.

The legs are made out of cast iron as well, and this guarantees better stability, lower vibrations and increase your chances of error free, top quality work. There is also this digital tachometer that is built in to the design and shows speed that the spindle is currently at, so that the control you have over it is consistent. The overall dimensions of the lathe with the legs attached is about 76 ½ inches by 19 inches width by 4.

A little more on those dimensions – the lathe has an 8 inches swing radius above the bed, les than 8 ½ if you will, so overall you should get about 6 inches diameter work piece.

It is easy to remove both the tail stock and the head stock, thanks to this quick lock and release system that its got making it easier to hold and adjust the work piece and keep it steady.

We think that beginners will love this part, and all you have to do is simply flip a lever and you’re good to go.

The other advantage that beginners have is this tool rest that you can adjust in three ways and with this option where you can extend it so that you have all the support you need for all of your turning tools.

Two more things that you can adjust are the distance and height of the work piece to any position that you like using these locking handles on the sides that are pretty user friendly.

The next feature is on the tail stock that’s got this center that can be adjusted even to hold a work piece spanning 46 inches in length, making this lathe just right for outboard turning – something that you do with the face plate when stocks are bigger than 12 inches.

Then it also has this cam-action clamp system, where this locking plate lifts under the bed to secure the tail stock.

As for the head stock, its got its advantages as well – one being that you can position it at either 90 or 180 degrees.Since the motor can be turned to 90 degrees or towards the end, you can turn large sizes. On the center however, 16 inches is as far as you can go.

This lathe comes with the MT2 live center pre-installed so all that’s left for you to do is to start turning spindles.The lathe comes with a M24 3L240 belt that is a standard 24 inch by 3/8 inch belt. This kind of replacement is easy to find in any hardware store.It has a change belt system for the variable speed – we though that this part can be a big investment, but this is one cost you wouldn’t want to skimp out on as it could be dangerous.

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If you’re looking for reasons to buy the Shop Fox W1758 lathe, your search ends here. For the price, you do get quite a lot, beginning with that it’s made by a trusted manufacturer so you can get replacement parts, god quality, long life and top notch parts.

  • Solid build, good motor

One thing that ensures this quality is the cast iron case that gives this lathe its solid build.The other quality mark is the 2 horse power motor for a very powerful turning capability and the ten speed settings that give the user better control.

  • Smart design features

So that is a lot of clever design choices, what’s more is that you are also given the quick lock and release handles. The head stock has been made moveable so that you can create even more kinds of items in a variety of sizes. We have mentioned the pre installed MT2.

  • Warranty, free accessories

And all this comes with a full 2 year warranty – so just in case something should go wrong, if the installationdoesn’t work out or if anything is delivered to you broken, you’ve got this guarantee. Then when you buy the W1758, you are given extending accessories free of cost.

Shopfox W1758 Pros

  • It comes with a digital tachometer to track the speed of the spindle.
  • Shopfox W1758 weighs over 300 pounds, stays stable while performing heavy work.
  • The most powerful lathe in its class with 2 horsepower motor
  • With 10 speed adjustment lever it is really easy to control
  • Tailstock and headstock has lock and release feature.
  • The tailstock also comes with cam action clamping system.

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As more people have used the Shop Fox W1758 lathe, they’ve uncovered certain things that they didn’t quite like. We’ve made a list of those things out here so you’ll get a really idea of what this lathe lacks.

Too heavy

An issue that really stood out among those users is the338 pounds weight that made the lathe tough to move about or store. It did make up for better stability though and were fine with the trade-off once they really got started on working with the lathe.

Fast low speed

The other big problem is the speeds on this lathe might be too fast for new users. This is something that they noticed only when turning wood, and adjusting the speeds at the same time.

Design setbacks

Users have identified how the level strips out and we think that this might be a common issue as Shop Fox even has a warranty on this. As long as it doesn’t get in the way, you should be good to go.The other problem you might face is that the tail stock doesn’t tighten in the correct position whenever you want it to. We think that the quick lock levers should fix this position is off by a few degrees and all you have to do is change how you’re holding the wood item.

Shopfox W1758 Cons:

  • Not easy to move at all as it weighs over 300 pounds.
  • Some customers complained about the tailstock tighten issue
  • Not for beginners
  • Extending accessories may come with it for free but it’s not really up to the mark.

Frequently Asked Question about Shopfox W1758

What is the speed variable of Shopfox W1758?

Ans : 600 to 2400 RPM

How Many Speed Adjustment Lever does it have?

Ans : 10

Is it stable enough to perform heavy work?

Ans : Yes, it is nice and stable to perform heavy work as it weighs over 300 pounds.

Does Shopfox W1758 come with warranty?

Ans : It has 2 years of manufacturer’s warrany

Does it come with all the necessary accessories?

Ans : Yes, in fact it does. It comes with tailstock, headstock, beds, legs etc. You don’t have pay extra for accessories.


From what we discovered about the Shop Fox W1758, it is pretty clear that it has been designed for serious wood crafting. Shop Fox is one brand that comes highly recommended as they are known for building some pretty good manufacturing tools that really last and give you years of trouble free service, even paying attention to the details when designing any toolsthey make – that’s evident here on this lathe as well.

They have used solid, strong materials for building every part that you see on this lathe, that undergoes thier quality check program before its reaches the stores, and then you – all to ensure reliable and safer operation for you.

So based on that, this should take the guesswork out of choosing the lathe to add to your itinerary, carving out good items easily, quickly and be confident that this will handle all of your wood turning needs.

That being said, the lathe does have a learning curve, where newbies have to get used to how they can handle the higher speeds. So a little bit of care is required when changing the speeds and turning wood at the same time. Till you’ve got enough practice, might we suggest doing this one at a time – its annoying but safe.

We think that this could have used a belt less system, but you can’t have everything and the other plus points outweigh this factor. Some have complained about the weight, but we think that the heavier it is, the sturdier it will be. The same goes for turning as well, where doing this on lighter machines can prove to be tough as they don’t have the stability, and they have an insane amount of vibrations.

If this is a factor to you, then you could check the weight yourself in the store first before buying it. Coming to the other ‘X factor’ – the vibrations –this lathe barely generated any when turning out some five inch items, and this even before we weighted it down.

In case of serious vibrations and wobbliness though – you could check to see if the piece of wood has been centred in the lathe – something that is only seen when turning at higher speeds. The other cause of vibrations is when the RPM is very high, especially for the piece that you may be working on, and you’d know this because the item would fly right off the lathe.

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