Powermatic 3520B Wood Lathe Review

Are you looking for a reliable wood lathe that can help you in doing some of the professional projects? Well, we are sure that you would have stumbled upon Powermatic 3520B. To begin with, let us tell you that we have reviewed Powermatic 3520B for you so that you can understand if this lathe will meet your requirements as well. Getting into the details, Powermatic 3520B is very powerful lathe and it comes loaded with several features like the speed control and other adjustments. In the section below, you can check out the details about Powermatic 3520B and you can also go through the pros and cons associated with Powermatic 3520B. These things will help you in making a well-informed purchase decision.

Powermatic 3520B Wood Lathe Review

Pros :

  • This wood lathe is supported by a 5-year of warranty.
  • It is made of large-scale iron castings.
  • It features a variable speed motor.
  • It is equipped with lots of essential accessories.

Cons : 

  • Assembly needed
  • It is quite expensive

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Basics of Powermatic 3520B

Powermatic 3520B is actually a well-tamed beast and we mean what we say. This best wood lathe comes with a 2 Hp motor and it is made of heavy duty cast iron. There is some assembly required but this should not be a blocker for you. The accessories that are provided with Powermatic 3520B includes tool rest, faceplate, knockout tool, spindle lock, wrench and even a guard. The dimensions of the machine are 50 inches x 24 inches x 44 inches and the company also offers 1 year warranty on this lathe. There is also a digital readout for the RPM speed and it helps you in tracking the speed that you are working at.

Pros of Powermatic 3520B

There are many advantages of Powermatic 3520B. We have listed some of them below and you can check out the details now.

  • Speed – The Powermatic 3520B comes with variable speed and it can easily be adjusted with simple selections. You can also go ahead and check out the options available in terms of speed and at the same time, there is also a digital rpm readout that helps you in maintaining the precision while you are working with the lathe.
  • Powerful Motor – This lathe comes with a very powerful motor. The power of the motor is 2 HP and it doesn’t heat up even after the long term usage of the machine. Overall, the motor has a very high torque and it is a maintenance-free motor.
  • Add-Ons – The Company also offers a lot of accessories with the lathe. We have already talked about them in the first section of the page and these accessories really make it easy for you to work. It basically eliminates the need for purchasing any extras which may have costed you.
  • Build Quality – The machine is really durable and it comes with thick walls made of iron. The vibrations are virtually non-existent and the best part is that you would not notice any vibrations even when you are working with out of balance objects.
  • Pricing–In our perspective, Powermatic 3520B is priced at an affordable price and it is reasonable as well because of the features that are offered by this lathe. Pricing is something really subjective but we consider this as an advantage here because of the competitive price.

Cons of Powermatic 3520B

To be honest, Powermatic 3520B is loaded with features and they work up as an advantage for the lathe but we would also agree that there are some disadvantages associated with Powermatic 3520B. This is true for every lathe and the cons of Powermatic 3520B are listed below.

  • Assembly Required – If you do not like to assemble the machine yourself then you are in for a shock. The lathe needs a certain amount of assembly and hence you might need someone to assemble it for yourself. The assembly part is not really tough so you may not worry about it but this is certainly one of the cons associated with Powermatic 3520B.
  • Weight of the Lathe – Another thing here is that the lathe is very heavy. This is because of the cast iron design which is coupled with a heavy duty motor. All these factors give a very heavyweight to Powermatic 3520B and hence it is not very easy to move around.

Final Verdict

Moving on to the last part of the review, the final verdict. So, in our opinion, if you are looking for a lathe that can help you in your professional projects then this can be the perfect one. You can purchase this and be assured that you will get value for money. The product is covered under warranty and it also comes with very good specifications. You can work on Powermatic 3520B continuously without having to stop. Overall, this is a great machine and we would really recommend you to opt for this if you are looking for a comprehensive package for yourself. It is certainly the best that you can find in the market. For more information, visit the product page of Powermatic 3520B.

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