Nova DVR-XP Lathe Review

One of the most popular brands when it comes to the wood lathe is Nova. The brand has a lot of different lathes and all of them are reliable. One such lathe from Nova is Nova DVR-XP. This is one of the most powerful lathes available from Nova and it does the job quite well. To begin with, let us tell you that Nova DVR-XP is equipped with a 1.75 horsepower motor and it is an intelligent lathe. You get enough strength and flexibility while you are using this lathe. The speed control is amazing and it is also very well balanced.

Nova DVR-XP Lathe Review

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If you have plans to purchase a new lathe then you can certainly go ahead and consider Nova DVR-XP. You will be delighted to use Nova DVR-XP and if you are really looking for an honest review of Nova DVR-XP then you are at the right place.

To know more about this product, read the full review below and decide to buy this lathe machine or not.

Basics of Nova DVR-XP Lathe machine:

Talking about the basics of Nova DVR-XP, the lathe machine has a 75 HP direct-drive DVR motor. Now, this is something that you really need to pay attention to. As we said, this has a DVR motor which is intelligent and hence we are not just talking about any ordinary Lathe. We are talking about a machine that can craft incredible blocks of wood and a machine which can undertake a small, big or a medium-sized job without any major difficulty.

The brand offers 1 year standard warranty on this Lathe and this protects you from any type of manufacturing defect. Overall, the quality of the lathe is quite amazing. You can go ahead and check out the pros and cons associated with this lathe in the section below.

Pros of Nova DVR-XP Lathe:

We would really love to talk about all the pros of Nova DVR-XP but because of the limitation of space, we would restrict to a few of the most important pros of this lathe.

  • Intelligent Motor–The lathe has an intelligent DVR motor. It keeps track of your favourite settings and it ensures that you get the best out of this lathe while you are working on the project. The motor is very powerful and it is also sturdy. There are no issues with the heating or anything like that while you are using the motor.
  • Speed Control– The lathe has an excellent speed control which ensures the utmost accuracy while you are working. You can choose speeds between 100 rpm and 3500 rpm and this gives you a wide range of options while working on different projects. It is really easy to control and set the speed.
  • Large Swing– This lathe also has a large swing of 16 inches. That makes it possible to work on small and large projects. If you feel that 16 inches of the swing are not enough then you can attach an additional accessory to make this lathe capable of handling a swing of 29 inches.
  • Swivel Head– One of the favourite advantages that we have here is the full swivel head. It enables you to make objects which are large. The shape is highly accurate and it prevents the backache that you might face because of constant bending.
  • Data Recording– The lathe keeps a record of the speed that you work at and this is made possible because of the smart motor. This feature helps you in saving a lot of time while you are working on a project. The DVR-XP is one of the best features that of this lathe.

Cons of Nova DVR-XP Lathe machine:

You would have gone through the pros of the Nova DVR-XP. We would also like to talk about some minor cons so that you can make a balanced judgement about Nova DVR-XP

  • Over-powered– One thing that some of the people reported is that they found it slightly difficult to work with this lathe if they have not worked on any such powerful lathe until now. People might feel it overpowered but this is more about the perspective and the experience of the people who are using the lathe.

Final verdict:

In terms of the conclusion, the wood lathe is quite an amazing power tool that you can have in your workshop. It can make things easy for you and it can really help you in creating artistic masterpieces. We would recommend you to opt for this lathe and we are sure that you will enjoy working on the lathe because of the powerful intelligent motor. The final decision has to be yours so you can go over the pros and cons associated with Nova DVR-XP and take an informed decision about choosing the right lathe for your workshop.

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