NOVA 57080 Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review

If you own a woodworking shop that use the conventional method which takes lots of time to produce the wood products, then it is time for a change to produce more products in less time with the help of  technology. An electronic wood lathe machine can make your work easier and help you to make better products with high quality. A wood lathe machine enables you to create beautiful woodwork with great precision that everyone loves.

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NOVA 57080 Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review

So, if you are thinking to buy a wood lathe machine to improve the productivity of your workshop, this article will help you. In this article we have reviewed NOVA 57080 variable speed wood lathe machine which is the most versatile lathe machine available in the market. In fact, it is the only machine that includes all the latest features.

Basics of NOVA 57080 wood lathe machine:

NOVA 57080 uses advanced technology that you can ever get in other machines. It includes an intelligent 2 HP DVR motor that allows adjusting the speed up to 10 speed settings. The motor has features like chisel dig in safety sensing and out of balance work adjustment. It provides a range of 100 RPM to 5000 RPM. This machine has a robust base which is made of cast iron.

The swing capacity of 20 inches, which can expand up to 33 inches, allows creating different pieces accurately. Both large and small jobs can be made in this machine as it has a space of 24 inches between centres which can be expanded with accessories.  It has self ejecting tailstock to arrange the jobs faster and full swivel head to provide you a wide range of choices.

The dimensions of this machine are 44 inches x 23 inches x 20 inches. The manufacturer provides 2 year replacement warranty on all the parts. Then you can avail 3 year warranty on all the parts excluding motor, electronics and consumables.

Pros of NOVA 57080:

NOVA 57080 includes all the latest features that you might be looking at a lathe machine. The advantages of this machine are listed below.

  • Variable speed: NOVA 57080 has a 2 HP DVR motor that offers an adjustable speed setting. The speed of this motor can be adjusted in the settings where up to 10 speed options are available. This facility in this machine makes it a unique machine.
  • Wide ranges RPM: The machine has an RPM range of 100 to 5000. With such a big range of RPM any kind of project can be made in this machine. In fact, this lathe machine has the largest RPM range among its peers.
  • Warranty period: NOVA 57080 wood lathe machine has a total warranty period of 5 years. The company provides 2 year warranty on all the parts when you purchase this machine. Later it provides additional 3 year limited warranty excluding the parts like motor, electronics and consumables.
  • Accessories: The lathe machine comes with all the accessories such as knock out centre, 2MT live centre, manual and fastenings etc. All parts have a warranty and you no need to spend extra money to buy accessories.
  • Full swivel head: NOVA 57080 is a great lathe machine you can ever buy. Among its incredible features full swivel head is a famous one. This feature allows the head of the machine to rotate so that you can make your pieces with great accuracy. You can adjust the head of the machine according to your needs.

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Cons of NOVA 57080:

Though NOVA 57080 has a list of the latest features that make it so attractive product in the market, it has some cons also those can’t be neglected.

  • Inaccurate speed: Though this lathe machine has a wide RPM range and different speed settings, it is noticed that sometimes the speed of this machine gets doubled under stress. This may injure the operator he/she is not prepared for such situations.
  • Need to assemble yourself: The Company ships you all the parts of this machine in one package. You need to unpack the parts and assemble them. Assembling this machine is very easy according to the customers who have recently purchased this machine. By the way it depends upon you to do this job yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Final verdict:

NOVA 57080 is the advanced lathe machine available in the market. It has all the latest features that a lathe machine should have. So, we think this will be suitable for you if you are in search of a best lathe machine for your workshop. The specifications of this lathe machine are amazing. This best wood lathe machine will definitely improve the quality of your work. You can make small as well as large jobs on this machine so this will be a great choice for your workshop.

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