Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe Review

Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe Review
Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe Review

One tool that every wood workshop should have is a lathe machine. These machines can help you in crafting beautiful drawer openers, bowls and a lot of other things. You would not have to be dependent on third parties for the supply of such things. With just a little experience, you will be able to work on a wood lathe by yourself. If you are planning to invest in one such wood lathe then you can certainly consider a lathe from Jet.

Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe Review








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To be more specific, you can consider Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 which is a wonderful lathe. You can use this machine to work on small sized, medium sized and large sized objects. If you are planning to consider Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 then you can go through this review for this wood lathe.

To know more about this product, read the full review below and decide to buy this lathe machine or not.

Basics of Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe machine:

Talking about the basics of Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2, we would like to start by mentioning that you can work on this lathe with a 16 inches swing. In addition to this, the maximum capacity of this lathe is 42 inches which are certainly enough for any large sized project. In terms of the construction, the lathe is really sturdy because it is made using a cast iron bed. This cast iron construction not only makes this lathe sturdy but it also makes it also provides stability to the lathe which in turn helps you in gaining accuracy.

The motor of the lathe is strong and it deserves a special mention because of the kind of strength and output it has. You can use the motor for a long time without any heating issues. We will talk more about Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 in the next section where we have discussed the pros and cons of the lathe. You can go ahead and check out the details now.

Pros of JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe:

Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2 Is one of the most reliable wood lathes that are available in the market. It has a lot of advantages and we would like to talk about them one by one. Go over them now.

  • Powerful Motor – One of the most loved features of this lathe is the powerful air-cooled motor it has. The motor has 2 horsepower output and it is a three-phase 230 volt motor which is also power efficient. This motor runs really smooth and it is one of the most sturdy motors that you will find in any of the lathes.
  • Speed Control – You can set the speed of the lathe very easily. The speed range can be 0 to 3600 rpm which is good enough for any task. Because of the powerful motor, you would not notice any issues with the torque as well.
  • Spindle Lock – Another thing that people love about this lathe is the spindle lock. The spindle can be locked in 36 different positions and you can vary the angle by 10 degrees in each position. This works well with the swing capacity and it helps you in completing the toughest of the job with a lot of ease.
  • Sturdy – The machine is really sturdy and the credit goes to the cast iron body. There are no vibrations even when you are running the lathe at full power. This helps you in gaining a lot of accuracies which is the key to making beautiful objects.
  • Storage – The next thing that we would like to talk about is the storage space in the lathe. There is a large swing-out basked which helps you in placing your tools while you are using the lathe. Because of this feature, it becomes really easy to reach out to the tools while the lathe is running.

Cons of JWL 1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe machine:

This lathe has a lot of advantages but based on the feedback from the users, there is one downside of Jet JWL 1642-EVS-2. We have listed the details of the cons in the point listed below.

  • Issues with Motor – Some of the users have complaints about the motor. They mentioned that the motor is a little noisy. There is no issue of vibration but the noise can be an issue for some people if they have a really small workshop.

Final verdict:

This is certainly one reliable lathe available in the market. You can invest in this one and you can create amazing wooden objects. The lathe is sturdy and it fulfills all kinds of tasks. If you are planning to purchase this lathe then we assure you that you will be happy with the purchase and the investment will generate returns for many years to come.

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8.4 Total Score

This is certainly one reliable lathe available in the market. You can invest in this one and you can create amazing wooden objects.

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